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The Pampered Pet

Ladue News, April 13, 2007
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With pet pampering such a popular trend, cats and dogs, especially, are treated more like a favorite relative than a four-legged friend.  Below are a few of the more unique services offered.

  • The scoop on pet walking and, well, scooping…Adding a special spark in a pet’s day by providing individualized attention is what dog walking is all about.  Critter Sitters offers dog owners peace of mind, knowing their dog is getting midday exercise, says owner Tammy Tvetene.  To pamper owners, the company takes the yuck factor out of critter cleanup.
  • Pets, like people, have colorful personalities…Some families say their family photo galleries or photo albums are not complete without pictures of their beloved pet.  Puppy Paws & Kittens pet photographer Jeanne Newberry offers packages starting at $130 for an in-home sitting and portrait.  High-end packages include the pet’s image on a blanket.  “Coming to the home usually takes the stress out of the photo shoot—for both owner and the pet,” Newberry says.
  • Pet aftercare…Once your precious pooch (or pussycat) has passed on, what do you do with the remains?  For $225, Heartland Pet Cremation will pick up your pet, cremate it individually and return the ashes within two or three days.  Owner Oliver King says he opened Heartland in early 2006 and has cremated about 250 pets in the past year.  “We didn’t underestimate the need,” he says.  “Our customers include anyone who’s taken their pet in the car while running errands and those who think about their pet when they’re not with them.”  His service cremates just one pet at a time to ensure that owners receive only their pet’s remains.

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