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Pet Sitting

Critter Sitters comes to your home so you’re able to leave your pet in familiar surroundings. We follow your routine as closely as possible. A 30-minute visit involves feeding, exercising and potty breaks. We also spend what we call “quality time”, just playing with, petting, and loving your pet so that it receives personal attention while you’re away.

We’re happy to keep an eye on your home and provide services such as bringing in your mail and newspaper, watering plants, alternating lights and blinds, and other reasonable requests.

Insured and bonded, your Critter Sitters’ representative will come to your home approximately one week prior to your trip. During this “get acquainted” visit, we’ll meet you and get to know your pets. Your reliable, experienced pet sitter will make regularly scheduled visits until we receive a call from you confirming that you have returned.

Pet Sitting Visit Fees:
Dog, cat, bird (other domestic pets)………..$24.00 per visit (up to 4 pets)

Households with 5 or more pets please call our office to discuss your needs.  Additional services available upon requests. Some peak period minimums apply. Prices subject to change.

Other Services Available on a Limited Basis:

Overnight Visits:
On a limited basis, Critter Sitters offers overnight sitting in your home. This service is especially good for pets with special needs because it helps to keep their routine on track in your absence. Overnight visits are 12 hours in length. Your sitter will arrive at your home between 7:00-9:00 p.m. and stay until 7:00-9:00 a.m. An additional pet sitting visit may be needed midday to supplement your pet’s care and provide a potty break.
Overnight Visit Fee…..……………………$68 per night

Please see our Dog Training page for more information about private in-home dog training lessons while you’re away.