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Visit our Critter Care FAQs to get answers to:

Why should I use a Critter Sitter?
What services does Critter Sitters provide?
Who are the pet sitters?
Can I trust Critter Sitters with my pet and home?
How much does it cost?
What time do the sitters come and how long do they stay?
What is Critter Sitters’ service area?
Can Critter Sitters medicate my pet?

Visit our Critter Clean-up FAQs to get answers to:

Why should I use Critter Sitters’ Critter Cleanup service?
What services are available?
What is the Critter Cleanup service area?
How much does it cost to scoop my yard?
How often do you scoop?
Do you offer one-time-only service?
What do you do with the poop you scoop?
Do you scoop when it snows or rains?
Do you scoop on holidays?
Should I leave my gate unlocked?
Can you scoop with my dog in the yard?
What if I want to skip a service day?
How does your “Satisfaction Guarantee” work?
Do you have a referral program?