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For personalized pet care when you can’t be there, call Critter Sitters, St. Louis’ number one at-home pet care service.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could find someone to care for your pets with the same individual attention they get from you at home?
Now you can!

No more worrying about leaving your beloved pets in a kennel. No more feeling guilty about imposing on friends and relatives.

Since 1994, Critter Sitters has cared for thousands of pets and homes. We've earned our reputation for excellence and dependability to pets and their owners throughout the metro St. Louis area.

Critter Sitters Named Angie’s List Super Service Award Winner Again for 2012!

Critter Sitters is an Angie's List
Super Service Award Winner for
2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, and 2008!

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    Please consider donating the following items to your shelter:

    1. Cleaning supplies: It takes a lot to keep those cages clean and sanitized for the animals, so supplies like bleach, laundry detergent and Windex are good donation ideas.

    2. Blankets, sheets, towels and newspapers: Shelters really do a lot to try to make the animals feel at home and welcome, so items like blankets, sheets and towels to help keep the animals comfortable and warm are a good idea.

    3. Office supplies: While general pet supplies are always good, there are plenty of other business operations that go on in an animal shelter, and office supplies like phones, paper, pens, printers, etc. are always in need.

    4. Building supplies: If you can, shelters always appreciate donations of building materials they need, like fences, crates and dog runs.

    5. Food: Most shelters have "wish lists" where you can find out exactly what types of food (and other items) they are in need of. The next time you're shopping for your own pet, why not pick up a couple of extra cans of food for your neighborhood shelter, as well?

    6. Wedding favors: Getting married? We love the idea of making a charitable donation in lieu of a standard wedding favor.

    7. Batteries: Some shelters use batteries (inquire as to which size they need most) to run their microchip scanners, and for other odds and ends in the shelters as well.

    8. Plastic bags: Sure, they don't cost a lot, but shelters have a never ending need for plastic bags (without holes!) to clean up after our furry friends.

    9. Latex and rubber gloves: Shelter workers will thank you immensely when you donate these items that help keep them safe and clean while working with the animals.

    10. Cash or Gift Cards: Of course, cash is always appreciated as well, as it can be put towards the areas where the shelter is most desperately in need.
    Episode 2 is now available on DVD:

    Episode 1 is on NETFLIX is the only dedicated site that lets anyone create online profiles of shelter pets to help them get adopted. — with Kimberly Christine Stiver-Flores and 2 others.